Myawaddy, April (20)

Fierce fighting is raging on between the junta army and allied resistance forces in Mekanei area, Myawaddy, under the control of KNU Brigade 6 on April 19, the Cobra column-2 (VENOM PDF) told Than Lwin Times.

In KNU Brigade 6, KNLA-led allied troops clashed with regime forces who advanced towards Mekanei village on the southern part of Myawaddy.

According to a VENOM PDF information official, the junta troops have used heavy weapons in addition to the aerial attack.

The confrontations between the two sides have been ongoing in Mekanei since late March, with the junta forces sustaining significant losses.

The junta onslaught in Mekanei damaged several houses, including a church, and drove thousands of locals to flee, leaving them unable to return home until today.

News-Than Lwin Times

Photo – Poreal FB

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