Mawlamyine, April (22)

Rice prices in Mon State, which had been high prior to Thingyan, surged again as a result of increasing demand beyond Thingyan, rice traders and rice mill owners told Than Lwin Times.

The price of Paw Hsan, which was only around 72,000 kyats per bag in the first week of April before the Thingyan Festival, rose to 76,000 kyats per bag after it.

In addition, the price of Paw Kywel rice has risen from approximately 63,000 to 68,000 kyats per bag, depending on the variety, and surged by 3,000 to 5,000 kyats per bag. Emahta, a type of coarse rice, is still quite expensive.

According to a rice merchant, the price of rice has risen due to low rice stockpiles and high demand when the market reopens following the long Thingyan holiday.

The demand for rice during Thingyan is high due to donation events, prompting the rice price to increase, and because most rice shops are closed, those that remain open are selling rice at higher prices.

A rice mill owner told Than Lwin Times that the price of rice is not falling due to the lack of rainfed rice and the high price of summer rice.

Rising prices and the difficulty of purchasing paddy in the state have forced some rice mills to shut down, and rice mill owners have predicted that the price of rice may increase as the paddy stock becomes less.

On the other hand, rice prices are likely to rise more than expected due to power outages, soaring fuel prices and transportation costs, and high general and production costs in the wake of the military coup.

The price of a bag of Paw Hsan rice was roughly 30,000 kyats and 29,000 kyats for Paw Kywel rice during the NLD government before the coup, and rice prices have more than doubled since the military took power, and it is now difficult to acquire rice in some areas.

News-Than Lwin Times


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