Interview with Sergeant Zeya from military’s Air Defence Command

The military has opened maritime youth and air youth basic and advanced courses for 2023 summer in different regions and states. The courses include basic military trainings and basic concept of respective subjects. The junta newspaper also said the courses are aimed to develop human resources in building future Tatmadaw.

This interview with Sergeant Zeya who joined civil disobedient movement from the military’ Air Defence Command is about these courses, effects on the students, recent situations of Myanmar air force and navy.

TLT: What does the junta intend for the maritime and air courses? Could you talk about the military’s plan to support air force in defence system?

Sergeant Zeya: It becomes difficult for the junta to recruit soldiers for army, navy and air. They entice the youth of 14-15 years old with knowledge about airplanes. They provide the trainees with backpacks, food and accommodation, and trips were arranged for the trainees. It is a kind of organizing. Although the youth from ordinary families joined the courses in the past, most of the present trainees are from the military families. It is a kind of enticement for recruitment targeting the youth.

TLT: What will the courses affect on the youth?

Sergeant Zeya: The trainees for air course cannot be forced to join the air force. In the past, some trainees joined the air force. Most of them were from military families. Parents from ordinary families should have a good sense for their children before allowing them to join air force.

TLT: What are the recent situations of air force and navy of the military? What is your remark on this course?

Sergeant Zeya: The number of forces in army has considerably declined. And that, soldiers from air force and navy are assigned for security duty in some cities and towns. They are also deployed for the offensives and camps. It shows the number of army forces has decreased. So, the youth for air course are their future forces.
I am aware that the military is making well preparation for its future.

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