Kantbalu, 27 April

Military troops set fire to three villages in Pazigyi village-tract in Kantbalu Township, Sagaing region, , and arrested at least 15 villagers, the locals said to Than Lwin Times.

Soldiers burnt Pazigyi, Chaungtha and Laytwinsin villages, and stole property of the local people.

Out of 15 arrested people from Laytwinsin village, three of them were freed.

As a military column of 200 forces approached to the area, more than 8,000 locals from eight villages fled from their homes, and they are in dire need of basic humanitarian assistance, said a volunteer who is providing assistance to IDPs.

“The locals fled in the fields. They have no shelter under the scorching sun. The number of illy person has increased gradually. They suffer fatigue from dehydration. The sun brought children out in an itch rashes with fever,” said a volunteer who is helping IDPs.

In addition to scarcity of drinking water in hot season, medicines and shelters are mainly required for the IDPs.

The military carried out airstrike over Pazigyi village on 11 April, killing over 160 people. Locals in Malal village have fled from their homes due to the military’s offensive on 19 April.

News—Than Lwin Times

Photo—CJ (Pazigyi village after military’s airstrike)

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