Mawlamyine, April (27)

The majority of political inmates at Kyaikmaraw Central Prison in Mon State are feeling sick and suffering heatstroke as a result of the extreme heat, sources close to the matter told Than Lwin Times.

The prison cells are cramped, ceilingless, and poorly ventilated, and the current extreme temperatures are causing inmates to suffer from heat stroke and illness.

A person close to the prison said that at least 70 political prisoners are sick due to heat stroke and are facing a dire situation due to a lack of proper medical attention.

“There is no ceiling in the prison cells. It is very hot. Amid high temperatures, many people get sick from heatstroke. Currently, the prison’s medical superintendent is a person who moved from the army, it’s unfortunate for them,” he said.

The military council does not allow medical treatment for sick political prisoners, and the prison authorities do not allow family members to bring medicine for the prisoners, so the prisoners are under the worst oppression.

A former political prisoner said, “The prisons do not provide any health care, just paracetamol and burmeton for any illness. If political prisoners are sick, they only help each other. The prisoned doctors help the sick as much as they can. The prison healthcare system does not fully support the prisoners. In this hot season, the prison is a real hell for prisoners”.

The prison authorities not only do not provide health care to political prisoners, but also commit human rights violations in various ways, often beating and torturing prisoners.

In addition, the former political prisoners said that the prison staff confiscated some food, medicine, and accessories sent by the family members of the political prisoners without giving them all.

An official of the junta’s Mon State Prison Department said that there are no prisoners suffering from heat stroke due to the extreme temperature inside the prisons and that the prisoners are being given health care as usual.

In Mon State, political prisoners are kept in Kyaikmaraw Central Prison, and there are more than 210 male political prisoners and more than 90 female political prisoners who have been sentenced on political charges from various areas, including Yangon, Mandalay and Bago Regions, and Karen and Mon States.

News – Than Lwin Times

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