Interview with former military captain Nay Myo Zin

Former military captain and political activist Nay Myo Zin was sentenced to 6 years in prison with Section 505 (a) for defaming Senior General Min Aung Hlaing during a public talk on amendment of 2008 Constitution in 2019.

He was released on amnesty in August 2022, and but kept under the monitor of the junta. He recently managed to escape to a liberated area.

This interview with him is about atrocities of the military against civilians, his view on Spring Revolution and his message to the junta soldiers.TLT: What do you understand incitation to arrest you on military’s propaganda page in Telegram?

Nay Myo Zin: The actions of military junta appear to be fascism while they are trying for legitimate ruling. They share screen shoots of individuals to be arrested or killed on their Telegram pages. These are sound evidences to take actions against them with international or local laws.Many people were arrested and died in prisons for their writing and personal information on Telegram. Some were tortured. Some were kidnapped and extorted. These actions can be disclosed with the assistance of technology. We have identified their commanding locations for arrest at three buildings next to Mingalardon. They will surely suffer reactions.

TLT: What is your remark on brutalities and atrocities of the military against people? What is your message to soldiers?

Nay Myo Zin: The offender of war crime and atrocities has unlawfully controlled the position of military chief. He allowed his followers for stealing and brutal acts. Their regime is more brutal than fascism, and it will not last long.

TLT: Why did the military suffer great losses in battles? What do you want to advise junta soldiers?

Nay Myo Zin: It is true that they are suffering great losses in the battles. Many of PDF members also lost their lives. The junta soldiers stood at the wrong side. They had bad history. Military police are responsible for disciplinary rules. Military discipline is the backbone of Tatmadaw. It is important to observe disciplinary rules to gain public support, and to maintain dignity of the armed forces.

Min Aung Hlaing has understood that he has been a bad guy who is torturing Myanmar people in various types of brutalities worse than fascists with the supports of China and Russia. As they failed to abide by military disciplines, their weapons have turned into tools for murders. They are eating the food from the revenues. They are killing people who are giving them food. So, they have suffered great losses in the battles. They will lose tactical commanders and the commanders . Next, officers commanding will be killed because they are not faithful to the ethics. Their deaths were not allowed to publish in newspaper. More families are not willing to know about their relatives in the military. It reflects their future is not in good direction.

TLT: The admission rate to the defence services academy has significantly declined. Why is it so?

Nay Myo Zin: Millions of people in this country have hated the cadets of military institutions. The cadets do not hesitate to do any misconducts that can lose their dignity. It is sorry to hear that. Are they confidence to say themselves that they completed defence services institutions? But, I am confident to do so. Our main duty is to protect people regardless of our lives. We were trained for this. Stars on our shoulders are the mark to be recognized that these soldiers will protect lives, property and living of people. They were not nurtured to become young dictators.

TLT: What is your remark on brutal attacks of junta solders on civilians?

Nay Myo Zin: Senior officials made very cruel orders. As soldiers could not return home for two years and had no enough foods, they rob street foods and stole groceries. They committed rapes and other inhumane crimes. The followers of Min Aung Hlaing have no more moral ethics or belief. As they lost public supports, they have no confidence any more to go into pubic. Soldiers in service need to have the right view. If they stand with people, all the ongoing problems and crisis will end immediately.

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