Chaung-U, 5 May

Some members of village people’s defence force in Chaung-U Township, Sagaing region have been arrested to be prosecuted for killing seven young persons, including the five underaged, accusing them of military informants, according to the press release of National Unity Government on 4 May.

The four suspects were arrested on the right day they committed murder on 30 August last year, and the bodies of victims were unearthed in the following day.

Chaung-U township people’s defence force transferred the suspects to the township public administration. Township people security force filed lawsuit against them and they were held separately.

Township people’s defence force confirmed to local media that the suspects were found guilty of raping the victim girls before killing them. However, NUG mentioned it.

NUG said that any criminal will not be given immunity from punishment through legal actions. As these offenses were meant to violate the code of conduct for soldiers, human rights and women and children rights, they will be taken legation actions in military and civilian laws.

The victims in this incident were four males and three females from the ages 15 to 20, who moved from Sagaing Township to Chaung-U Township.

News—Than Lwin Times


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