Mawlamyine, May (6)

Doctors have advised the public to be extra cautious after a surge in cases of mixed symptoms of heat stroke and COVID-19 in Mon State since the last week of April.

Due to the rise in temperature in Mon State, the number of people suffering from heatstroke is increasing every day, and the rate of COVID-19 infection is also on the rise. Doctors say that if you don’t know the real disease and don’t get medical treatment, it can lead to death.

Since more than a week ago, the number of sick patients has increased, and the symptoms of fever and COVID are mixed, so it is necessary to know the disease differently. Although people are already vaccinated against COVID, there is not much to worry about, and a general practitioner urges people to be extra careful because heatstroke can result in deaths.

In addition, the symptoms of the current COVID-19 pandemic are not as severe as in the third wave of COVID-19, and since people have already received vaccines, the death rate may be low. Heatstroke depends on the severity of the temperature, and up to 10 out of 100 sick people may die.

Another general practitioner warned that the death rate could increase significantly if the virus cannot be controlled during the festive season.

Children, individuals over the age of 60, and persons with underlying conditions should be extra cautious of heatstroke at this time, and those with underlying conditions should be especially cautious of COVID-19, experts suggested.

Therefore, if people show symptoms of illness, they need to go to the nearest hospital and clinic in time to receive treatment, otherwise, they may die.

According to the junta’s Health Ministry, there are hundreds of people suffering from heatstroke in Mon State after the Thingyan Festival, and 50 people have been found to be infected with the COVID-19 virus from April to May 3.

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