Mawlamyine, May (7)

The KNU headquarters announced on May 6 that they pledged to stand together with the Karen people in accordance with the basic and future processes established for the fight against chauvinism and military dictatorship, the establishment of a federal democratic system, and the equality and self-determination of Karen ethnic groups.

The statement states that they will work together with the ethnic revolutionary forces, democratic forces, and various classes of people who are fighting against chauvinism and military dictatorship, and fighting for the emergence of a federal democratic union, democratization, national equality, and the right to self-determination.

The announcement was made by the KNU Headquarters after the 17th Congress of the Karen National Union (KNU), which was held from April 24 to May 4.

KNU Central Committee member, Padoh Saw Kale Sae said the following to the Than Lwin Times regarding efforts to fight chauvinism and military dictatorship and to establish a federal democratic system.

“We aim to work together depending on the roles we play at different levels. We plan to bring together different revolutionary groups and stakeholders from all walks of life, discuss how to cooperate, establish the next steps, and continue to do so”.

The 17th KNU Congress confirmed the work report of the Central Standing Committee after the 16th Congress, the political reports, the work reports of the various district departments and committees, the KNU Constitution, rules and regulations, and the basic roadmap and processes of the Karen national revolution, as well as the KNU’s future processes, prepared and submitted by the Central Standing Committee.

Also, protesting allegations of KNU leaders being involved in crime-related businesses, the KNU has issued a statement saying that the Chinese new town project in the Maw Hto Talay area and the casino known as KK Park, which is involved with Chinese criminal gangs, have absolutely nothing to do with the KNU.

However, the KNU Central Executive Committee announced after the 17th Congress that an independent and non-aligned investigation team led by the KNU central level will be formed to investigate the true situation and will be implemented according to KNU policies and regulations.

The KNU Central Executive Committee stated that it would respond to inquiries about the probe as needed and would take appropriate legal measures if any violations of the law were found.

The KNU Central responded at the 17th KNU Congress that it will investigate five people, including former Defense Minister Padoh Saw Yaw Jar Khin, regarding a letter sent by the 5th Brigade of KNU Hpapun District to investigate and take action against some of the KNU leadership involved in the new city project and gambling activities.

At the 11-day KNU Congress, Padoh Saw Kwe Htoo Win was elected as chairman, Padoh Saw Hsel Gay as vice-chairman, Padoh Saw Ta Doh Moo as general secretary, Padoh Saw Thaw Thi Bwe as joint secretary general-1, Padoh Saw Hla Tun as joint secretary genera-2, and KNLA’s chief of staff Saw Jaw Ni, Brigadier General Saw Tar Malar Thaw, Padoh Naw Dah Dah, Padoh Saw Taw Ni, Padoh Saw El Kalu Sae, and Padoh Saw Le Al Mu were chosen as members of the central committee.

News – Than Lwin Times

Photo: KNU

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