Mawlamyine, May (9)

More than 20,000 displaced people who have fled junta airstrikes and artillery fire in the area of Brigade 6 of KNU’s Dooplaya District have not yet returned to their homes and are in need of more assistance, said the volunteers who are assisting the displaced people.

The junta army deliberately bombed 31 villages with airplanes and shot 184 times with heavy weapons in April in the area of the 6th Brigade of the KNU’s Dooplaya District, according to the Brigade 6.

According to the statement, three schools, one monastery, two churches, two clinics, 387 homes were destroyed, and 12 homes were burnt to ashes by junta attacks.

As of May, 2,3021 IDPs who fled airstrikes and indiscriminate firing by the junta army in March have not been able to return to their homes.
Saw Nanda Suu, the official from Karen Human Rights Organization (KHRG), said, “Airstrikes and killings are still going on in the area of the 6th Brigade of Dooplaya District. Airstrikes and gunfire have especially destroyed the local residents’ homes, religious buildings, churches, monasteries, schools, and medical centers. The residents are still fleeing such battles, indiscriminate shootings, and airstrikes. Due to the lack of stability and security in the region, local residents are unable to return to their villages and need more humanitarian assistance”.

Currently, the displaced people are in urgent need of accommodation, shelter, tarpaulin, blankets, mosquito nets, food, and medicine, KNU said.

Fighting occurs daily in the KNU-administered region, and committees have been set up to aid the IDPs, but there are still many unmet requirements, according to Padoh Saw Kale Sae, a member of the KNU Central Standing Committee, who spoke to Than Lwin Times.

The military council targets civilians with deliberate aerial chemical bomb attacks, indiscriminate shooting with large and small weapons, and commits crimes and human rights violations on a daily basis, such as burning people’s homes, arresting people, torturing and killing people, and violating human rights, the KNU said.

There have been more than 500,000 displaced people in KNU-controlled areas since the coup, according to data released by KNU.
News – Than Lwin Times

Photo – KNU

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