Thayetchaung, May (10)

The military council has detained and tortured eight locals from Weyit and Yange villages in Thanintharyi Region’s Thayetchaung Township, locals told Than Lwin Times.

After the military column of more than 50 soldiers entered Weyit village on the morning of May 8, Ko Myo Myint and Ko Kangkang were arrested.

The column entered Yange village again on the morning of May 9 and took six local villagers away.

The regime troops temporarily stationed in Ka Myaing village, beating and interrogating the eight arrestees.

The tortured locals have bruises on their heads, limbs, and bodies, and family members are worried about them.

Currently, all the residents of the villages of Weyit, Yange, Kyauk Khamauk, Kwe Min Kone, and Kamyaing have fled the military council’s military operation.

In April, when the military council raided Weyit and Yange villages, more than 100 residents were arrested as human shields and released two days later.

News – Than Lwin Times


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