One man killed, eight others injured by junta artillery fire in KNU territory


Kawkayeik, May (10)

In recent days, one civilian was killed and eight were injured as a result of mortar shells fired by regime troops into Kawkayeik Township, which is under the control of the Karen National Union’s Brigade 6, according to local sources.

The junta troops have been firing heavy weapons into the villages in Kawkayeik Township on a daily basis, and on May 5, an artillery shell landed in Kamaigone village near Kawkayeik town and exploded, injuring two local women.

Meanwhile, on May 6, an explosion occurred in Tadanku village due to the firing of junta troops, killing one local man and injuring five local people, including one woman.

On May 7, the regime troops fired another heavy weapon, which exploded in Tadanku village, and a man was hit and injured, according to local residents.

It is said that the junta army’s artillery attacks targeting the civilian population damaged the houses and buildings of the local people in Tadanku and Kamaigone villages, and there were deaths of pets.

The junta army commits many human rights violations in Karen State’s Kawkayeik Township, where martial law has been declared, and indiscriminate shootings with heavy weapons occur every day, and the local people are facing many difficulties, said Saw Nanda Suu, the official of the Karen Human Rights Group.

According to the information team of KNU’s Dooplayar District, the junta army conducted 215 airstrikes and artillery attacks in the 6th Brigade of Dooplayar District in April, destroying 407 religious buildings, clinics, schools, and homes, and forcing at least 23,000 local residents to flee to safety.
News – Than Lwin Times

Photo – KNU


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