Waw, May (13)

Within 15 days of the attack on the Nyaung Khar Shae police station in Bago Region’s Waw Township, the military council arrested and investigated more than 50 civilians, and most of them have not been released until now, locals told Than Lwin Times.

On April 27, an alliance of the People’s Defense Forces raided the Nyaung Khar Shae police station.

After the attack, the military council detained more than 50 men and women, including minor children, from Kadut, Kyonpar, Nyaung Khar Shae and Phoe Sabai villages between April 28 and May 11.

The military council has been making a series of arrests since the attack on the Nyaung Khar Shae police station, and five more NLD members have been in custody recently, according to a local.

Than Lwin Times was unable to independently verify rumors that U Mya Thein from Kyonpar village had died during the interrogation.

The military council is interrogating people who have been held at the Waw police station and the Phayargyi Artillery.

Furthermore, the military council has extorted hundreds of thousands of kyats from the detainees and threatened those who are unable to pay with terrorism charges.

One policeman was reportedly killed and at least three were injured in the attack on Nyaung Khar Shae police station.

 News – Than Lwin Times

Photo – CJ

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