Kawthoolei, May (14)

More than 70 civilians were killed or injured in April as a result of military operations and human rights violations by the military council in KNU-controlled areas, according to the Karen National Union (KNU).

In the KNU-controlled Kawthoolei area, the junta army expanded its military activities and committed 11 types of human rights violations at least 310 times in the month of April, according to the statement.

The regime troops targeted civilians and carried out 44 airstrikes on villages and workplaces, destroying more than 300 residential buildings, monasteries, churches, and schools, killing one civilian and injuring 15 others.

In addition, the junta used heavy weapons to carry out 243 deliberate attacks in communities and work places, resulting in the destruction of 150 residences, five public buildings, and two monasteries, while  38 civilians were injured and seven others killed.

In another incidents, four people were killed and one was injured in unprovoked assaults by the junta troops, and five people were also injured when they were hit by a mine planted by the regime troops.

Moreover, the junta arrested 16 people, killed two of them, and tortured two others, the KNU said in a statement.

In addition, the junta destroyed 74 houses, five public buildings, and one monastery in seven villages during the raids; two other houses were also destroyed for no reason, and property was confiscated from five people.

News- Than Lwin Times


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