Mass livestock death occurs in Magway after severe Cyclone Mocha


Htilin, 17 May

Many cattle and goats in the villages of Htilin Township and Pakokku district in Magway region died in the aftermath of severe Cyclonic storm Mocha, said the locals.

Cyclonic storm Mocha swept through Rakhine coastal area on 14 May, and devastation  took place  in manay townships of Rakhine state, and some areas of Sagain and Magway townships.

Mass livestock death reportedly happened in Aima, Shwegontine, Zetaw, Kyar Oo Yin, Watthat and Ohn Htwat villages in Htilin Township.

“Livestock deaths occurred in the following day of cyclone. It stopped today. The death toll is worse than that of footh-and-mouth disease. The meats of dead cattle are cooked without being buried. These meats should not be eaten to prevent spread of disease,” said a local to Than Lwin Times.

The deaths of cattle and goats also happened in Pauk Township of Pakokku district, and about 50 cattle died in flood and cool in Salin Township.

Flood devasted beans and sunflower farms in the villages of Maw creek in Gangaw district.

“Roads between the villages were damaged, and it is very difficult for transportation,” said a local.

Creek water destroyed at least three bridges in Htilin Township of Yaw area.  Clothes and food of the internally displaced persons were lost, and grains of the farmers were destroyed.

The death of more than 200 cattle and goats was reported until now after Cyclone Mocha.

News—Than lwin Times

Photo- CJ


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