Ye, May (17)

Fearing an attack, the junta artillery based in Mawkanin village in Mon State’s Ye Township cut down trees and barricaded the road with them near its base, making it difficult for the people to travel, locals told Than Lwin Times.

The No. 317 artillery unit has been blocking the road by cutting down large trees along the road from two furlongs away from the battalion since May 13.

Therefore, residents and rubber farm workers are having problems and have to use on the village circuit, which is roughly a mile long, to get to work.

Following the military coup, the local defense forces attacked the artillery unit at least five times, injuring and killing regime members.

It is reported that on May 15, the People’s Defense Forces used heavy weapons to attack the junta artillery that have blocked the road.

According to sources, a heavy weapon landed into the compound of junta facility, explosions were heard, and it is not yet known if there were any casualties.

On January 20, a school vehicle from No.137 artillery was ambushed, and the PDF confiscated three firearms and killed five military soldiers.

News-Than Lwin Times


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