Myawaddy, May (17)

The military regime carried out bombing raids on Kyaukmaing area in Myawaddy under the territory of KNU Brigade 6 amid the clashes with People’s Defense Forces, according to sources.

Junta fighter jets bombarded Myawaddy’s Kyaukmaing area three times in the early hours of May 17, but no damage was reported, said the revolutionary forces.

An anti-regime fighter said that the military council had resorted to aerial bombardment because of the high death toll of their troops on ground assaults.

There were skirmishes between the junta army and the combined forces of KNLA Brigade 6, Cobra column, Black Panther column, Federal Wings, and Golden Eagle in Latkhet Mount and Kyaukmaing area in Myawaddy from May 11 to 17.

At least 10 members of the Border Guard Force (BGF) were killed and nearly 40 others were injured in the clashes, while one comrade of the coalition force lost his life and 10 others were injured, reported the Cobra and Black Panther columns.

The regime troops have been conducting military activities while violating human rights on a daily basis in KNU Brigade 6 of Dooplayar District, the locals said.

In April, the military council’s bombardment, artillery fire, and arson attacks damaged more than 400 schools, clinics, monasteries, churches, and residential buildings, the statement said.

 News – Than Lwin Times

Photo: Cobra Column

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