Ye, May (20)

The junta troops have abandoned several outposts in Mon State’s Ye Township, where martial law was imposed, and stationed themselves at Ye police station, according to the locals and resistance forces.

As the People’s Defense Forces frequently targeted the police outposts in Ye Township, which has at least six police stations and outposts, the junta soldiers left the outposts.

Than Lwin Times learned that the police force has abandoned its outposts at Khawzar, Kyaungywa, Hnit Karen, and Zee Byu Thaung since late last year.

Residents said that policemen only come to their outposts in Lamaing, where the battalions are often attacked, in the afternoons and return to their bases at night.

Since the coup, local resistance forces have attacked at least eight police stations in Ye Township, as well as raided and burned the Hnit Karen police station.

At least 15 policemen, including the police station chief, were killed in attacks on police stations and outposts.

Mon State’s Ye Township is also a stronghold of anti-regime forces after the military coup and has been placed under martial law since February 2.

News – Than Lwin Times Photography – Social Media

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