Yangon, May (24)

The underground revolutionary forces operating in cities and townships around the nation were provided with less support, and frequently arrested by junta and throughout the two years of the Spring Revolution, making it harder for them to keep up the fight, the resistance forces told Than Lwin Times.

Some of the urban guerrilla forces were arrested last year because they failed to move in time, and some groups were unable to continue their operations due to a lack of support.

On the other hand, the urban guerrilla forces left the cities to avoid being searched and arrested by the military council and took refuge in the ethnic areas.

Ko Rainbow, in charge of an urban guerrilla group, told Than Lwin Times that finding safe places and ammunition for the urban guerrilla forces has been a big challenge so far.

He said, “The number of our urban guerrillas is not increasing, and they are being arrested every day. If one is arrested, others are also detained in connection with it. The reason they can’t escape is because they don’t have money. Some of the guerrillas have left Yangon.”

On May 20, the military council announced that 10 members of the Yangon Revolutionary Forces were arrested along with their weapons for allegedly shooting and killing the Deputy Director General of the junta-established Union Election Commission (UEC), retired Lt. Col. U Sai Kyaw Thu.

Moreover, in October last year, 21 members of the guerilla force based in Dala Township and 10 members of the Inya Urban Guerrilla Force were arrested.

Lieutenant Moekyo, the communication officer for Yangon Regional Military Command, urged urban guerrilla troops to step up the revolution even though it has become difficult for guerillas to exist and survive in Yangon due to tightened security.

Rumor has it that the military regime has made plans to arrest the guerilla forces in Yangon.

Under this measure, the military council has been carrying out undercover investigations and secret deployments of troops from January 11 to the end of May this year, according to military sources.

However, urban guerrilla forces have reported that they will assault military officers in the near future.

After more than two years of revolution, the military council imprisoned the revolutionary forces that encountered numerous problems in the cities, the groups collapsed, and hundreds of guerillas have already departed the cities.

U Yee Mon, the Defense Minister of the National Unity Government (NUG), said that more than 400 urban guerrilla groups have been formed in 250 townships across Myanmar, most of which are linked to the NUG.

News: Than Lwin Times

Photo: MM Nwes

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