Mawlamyine, May (26)

The prices of betel leaves have doubled since strong cyclone Mocha hit Myanmar, and those of betel quid are also on the rise, betel leaf growers and dealers told Than Lwin Times.

The cost of betel leaves that was about 8,000 Kyats per viss before cyclone Mocha hit Myanmar soared to about 20,000 Kyats in the second week of May, and it has since stabilized at about 16,000 Kyats per viss.

The price of betel leaves has decreased due to the hot weather before the cyclone, and after the cyclone, the plants were destroyed, leading to a shortage of supplies, and the price has jumped to Ks 20,000 per viss, said a betel leaf supplier.

In addition, betel leaves cannot be bought from farmers as much as needed, and the cost of transportation is higher, prompting the prices of betel leaves to soar.

A betel farmer said that due to the fall of the betel plants due to the storm, the withering of the betel leaves due to the temperature, the lack of labor, and increased fighting, the betel leaves could not be picked in time, and the price increased.

Betel leaf traders say that because the price of betel leaves has risen exponentially in the market, they buy only as much betel leaves as they need and sell them.

Because the price of betel leaves has more than doubled, we can only get five betel quids with slaked lime for 500 kyats, and a betel quid with sweetener costs 150 kyats, said a customer.

Mon State mostly imports betel leaves from Kyaikto and Monywa townships, with some also coming from Belin, Pantanaw, and other townships.

News-Than Lwin Times


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