Palaw, May (26)

Two civilians were killed by gunfire amid a battle that took place near Magyigon village in Tanintharyi Region’s Palaw Township, according to the locals and rescue teams.

On May 24, one-hour long battle broke out as local defense force attacked a junta checkpoint stationed near Magyigon village.

Ma Myat Moe Lat,26, from Taninthari Township, who was traveling in a passenger bus, and a man from Palaw on a motorcycle were shot dead amid the fighting.

It is reported that the deceased civilians were brought back to their villages by local residents and social rescue groups.

The junta battalion based in Pala Town assisted their troops in the battle by continuously firing heavy weapons, damaging a monastery in Minhtein village and a motorcycle belonging to a local resident.

A local defense force official told Than Lwin Times that at least three members of the regime troops may have been killed in the battle.

Following the battle, the military situation on the Myeik-Palaw Pyidaungsu Road remains high, and there are few passenger buses.

In Palaw Township, where martial law has been declared, there are frequent clashes between the junta army and the revolutionary forces, with both sides sustained injuries or deaths.

News – Than Lwin Times

Photo: CJ

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