Kawkayeik, May (30)

A man and his wife were killed by an artillery shell in Khaneim Mu new vicinity of No. 7 Ward, in Karwen State’s Kawkayeik Township, locals and the social rescue team told Than Lwin Times.

On the afternoon of May 28, U Phoe Kyar, 73, and Daw Khin Myat Htwe, 50, of Khaneim Mu new ward, were killed by a heavy weapon while returning home on a motorcycle.

U Phoe Kyar died from injuries to his head and left and right thighs, and his wife, Daw Khin Myat Htwe, died from shrapnel wounds to her neck, legs, and hands.

Locals said that in the afternoon of that day, an artillery shell fell into the Khaneim Mu ward and exploded when there was no fighting.

The social rescue team carried the bodies of the husband and wife who died in the accident to Kawkayeik Hospital.

On May 6, a shell exploded inside a brick-kiln outside Kawkayeik, killing one worker and injuring six others.

News – Than Lwin Times

Photo: CJ

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