Kyainseikkyi, 5 June

Ten junta soldiers were killed and 15 injured in   major armed clashes in Kyainseikkyi Township, Kayin state, on 2 June morning, according to the report of local Special Operation Force.

The joint forces of Karen National Liberation Army, the local S.O.F and the Cloud Wings drone force simultaneously  raided township police station, No. 284 Infantry Battalion, Township’s General Administration Office, immigration office, telecommunications office, revenue office and judge office around 5 am, with destroying some buildings.

The S.O.F said that with damaging police station and offices, about 10 soldiers were killed and 15 seriously injured, while two members of S.O.F were wounded at their legs and one got minor injury at the chest by mine splinter.

During the conflict, the military arbitrarily carried out heavy weapon shelling and air strikes over the city areas by helicopters, hitting civilian targets including religious buildings. One monk and two locals were also killed by heavy weapons.

 The Public Administration in Kyainseikkyi Township announced that one monk and four civilians, including a child, were killed , and three children and one novice injured by the attacks of military on the civilian targets.

 News—Than Lwin Times

Photo— S.O.F

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