Yangon, June (10)

The military council has launched an online lottery system that allows people to buy tickets anytime and anywhere through the Aungbarlay Lottery application using mobile phones.

On June 8, military leader General Min Aung Hlaing attended the launching ceremony of the online lottery system and stated that the lottery will serve to increase national revenue while supporting the development of digital economy infrastructure in the future.

The military council said that people can purchase lottery tickets, send payments, and receive prizes through the Aungbarlay Lottery online application, and the officials will notify the lottery winners by SMS to their mobile phones.

The military council announced that small prizes will be sent to the lottery winners online or to their bank accounts.

Ma Khit Thit Nwe Oo, who participated in the Spring Revolution, urged the people to continue boycotting the junta lottery because the military council’s online lottery system is only for buying weapons that will kill the people.

Following the military takeover, pro-democracy supporters boycotted Aungbarlay Lottery tickets, which are a source of revenue for the military council, forcing the Military Council to postpone the lottery’s opening date, reduce lottery awards, and pay lottery rewards in periodic payments.

On the other hand, when the National Unity Government (NUG) launched the spring lottery online in August 2021, the lottery tickets were sold out within hours.

The military council requested proposals in October 2021 from companies that could provide technical support to sell the Aungbarlay lottery tickets online.

Along with the leadership of the Ministry of Planning and Finance, departments, and the military-owned MyTel Company are participating as partners in the implementation of the Aungbarlay online lottery system.

A democracy activist said, “People should not buy anything related to the military council at all. Because the proceeds from the sale of these products are used to buy weapons and ammunition to kill people. Similarly, people should not buy the lottery tickets that the military council will sell online”.

After the coup, the military spent more on the defense sector than on the basic needs of the public, such as education, health, and electricity, and the defense budget for the fiscal year 2023-2024 was over 5,600 billion kyats.

Anti-regime pro-democracy activists engage in bloody money campaign to cut off the paths which generate revenue for the military council.

News-Than Lwin Times


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