Ye, June (17)

Departmental staff in Mon State’s Ye Township, which has been placed under martial law, were instructed to travel outside the township only with the permission of the military, the staff told Than Lwin Times.

On June 13, the military council instructed all departments to report to the 19th Military Operations Command (MOC-19) based in Ye Township if they wanted long-distance travel and receive permission to travel.

Due to the security situation in the area, this decision was made after a meeting of the military council’s department heads and military officers at the MOC-19 headquarters on June 9 regarding travel.

A departmental staff from Ye township said that the authorities have given this instruction based on the information that revolutionary forces will launch massive raids on the Ye-based battalions and departmental offices in the coming days.

This has prompted the majority of department heads to move into battalion housing, and concerns were raised among the departmental staff.

The headquarters of the Karen National Liberation Army’s (KNLA) Battalion 27 announced on June 10 that their forces have begun military operations in Mawlamyine, Mudon, Thanbyuzayet, Dawei, Myeik, and along No. 8 Highway.

The Ye People’s Defense Forces have issued a warning letter dated June 15, asking the people not to travel unnecessarily and to accept the inspection by the resistance forces as they will soon escalate the military operation.

The junta battalions, camps, and departmental offices were frequently attacked since the military coup, and the revolutionary forces took control of some territories in the township.

News-Than Lwin Times


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