Ye, Jun (22)

On June 20, the New Mon State Party (NMSP), which held peace talks with the military council, urged the Southeastern Command and the Mon State authorities to hold accountable for civilian casualties caused by junta artillery shelling.

The NMSP made the request in response to widespread public outrage over the death of Mi Htwe Htwe Kyi by the junta army in Wintamaw Village, Khawza Town of Mon State’s Ye Township.

Mi Htwe Htwe Kyi was killed on the spot after being hit by Khawza-based junta artillery while she was cooking.

Regarding this incident, the New Mon State Party demanded that the Southeastern Command and the Mon State authorities be held accountable for the civilian deaths caused by the Burmese army’s artillery shelling.

A Mon resident noted that the military council would not comply with the NMSP’s request and that the request was an attempt by the NMSP to improve its image among the Mon community.

The regime troops arrived at Mi Htwe Htwe Kyi’s residence on that day and claimed that they were not responsible for the attack.

On June 18, the military council army arrived again and gave cash donations of 200,000 kyats

forcibly to the family of Mi Htwe Htwe Kyi, a local said.

A young Mon nationalist activist told Than Lwin Times, “The military council does not take responsibility for anything other than compensation if civilians are killed. No organization provides legal support”.

Officials from the New Mon State Party, Dawei District and Ye Liaison Office met with the bereaved family of Mi Htwe Htwe Kyi on June 20 and gave cash donation of 1 million Kyats.

According to the data compiled by Than Lwin Times, six civilians have been killed and 12 others injured in the past six months due to the military council’s artillery shelling in Ye, which has been placed under martial law.

Three people were killed by junta bombardment, one civilian was killed for violating the curfew, and two civilians were killed amid the battle.

The New Mon State Party (NMSP), a Mon ethnic armed organization with its headquarters in Ye Phyar Chaung region, attended peace talks with the military council at least five times after the military coup.

News-Than Lwin Times

Photo- NMSP

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