Thayetchaung, June 22

More than 5,000 residents who have been fleeing for more than two weeks as junta column entered Thanintharyi Region’s Thayetchaung Township have not yet returned to their homes, the volunteers who assist the IDPs told Than Lwin Times.

Fierce fighting broke out as massive junta forces invaded the villages in Thayetchaung on June 8.

Fighting between the two sides has forced more than 10,000 residents from 10 villages, including Kanat Thiri, Yange, Kamyaing, Weyit and Kwe Min Kon, to flee to shelters and orchards.

More than 5,000 displaced people returned home, but the remaining 5,000 local residents did not dare to do so since military council forces remained stationed outside Yange village.

According to a spokesperson for the Dawna-Tanintharyi Rescue Team for IDPs, the displaced people are in desperate need of basic food and shelter as the days go by.

On the other hand, during the rainy season, the displaced people suffer from seasonal flu, diarrhea, and colds, and some of them are injured and need medical supplies.

Both sides have suffered injuries or fatalities in the ten clashes that the junta troops have fought with the local defense forces while entering Thayetchaung Township.

More than 34,000 residents fled their homes in Tanintharyi due to fighting between the two rival groups in May, according to local organizations.

News-Than Lwin Times


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