Ye, June (23)

The military council’s artillery shelling on Mawlamyine-Ye Road, Mon State’s No. 8 Pyidaungsu Road, has raised concerns among travelers and locals.

Since June 18, the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA), Special Operations Force (S.O.F.), and PDF joint forces have been conducting inspections to control the area at No. 8 Pyidaungsu Road.

On June 20, while the joint forces were conducting inspections along the Mawlamyine-Ye-Dawei highway, the regime battalions based in Ye Township fired at least five heavy weapons at the road.

The PDF comrades were not hit by any weapons, but they fell into a rubber farm owned by local people.

A local resident told Than Lwin Times that the residents are afraid to go to the farm and work places, and travel because of the junta shelling.

On the morning of June 22, KNLA, S.O.F., and Ye Balu Group were carrying out inspections for territorial control and security on No. 8 Pyidaungsu Road, according to the Special Operations Force (S.O.F.).

The KNLA Battalion 27 issued an order on June 10 for vehicles traveling along Mawlamyine, Mudon, Thanbyuzayat, Ye, Dawei, Myeik, and No. 8 Pyidaunsu Road to stop and be inspected by KNLA joint forces starting June 15.

In addition, the revolutionary forces have requested that travelers not ride in the same vehicle with regime troops, and that other ethnic armed groups’ vehicles be inspected.

According to the statement, KNLA troops have taken control of Highway No. 8, and the order was released to prevent travelers from being hurt and because the military council uses civilians as cover.

News-Than Lwin Times


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