The junta regime issued an arrest warrant of Min Lwin Oo, who is a prominent member of local strike committee, with K30 million bounty in accusing him of causing unrest.

The interview with him is about recent arrest of his father.

TLT: Could you talk on the arrest of your father?

Min Lwin Oo: I known that about 35 junta forces, including three of four in plain clothes, on four cars took my father from home around 1 pm. At that time, my father, my younger sister and her 2-year-old baby were at home. Junta troops asked them about me. My father replied I did not come back home. I did not live with my father since before the coup. I also did not contact my family on phone. The junta forces rummaged the entire house. They found my arm brand and T-shirt of student union in the cupboard. They also found a wire, and asked my father about it. It was bought by my mother to connect the two batteries for sufficient power output. However, they said my father that such wire must not be used at homes, and kicked my father.

TLT: Did they torture your father?

Min Lwin Oo: My daughter said that the junta troops kicked my father.

TLT: Did they take two mobile phones and K800,000 from home?

Min Lwin Oo: Yes, they took phones of my father and mother, as well as about K800,000 from home. They told me my daughters to get valuable items before they searched. I have no documents about this revolution. But I might have some documents of student union in my cupboard. I am not sure.

TLT: Where is your father being held?

Min Lwin Oo: I know he is being held at Launglone police station now. My mother went to him, but no one is allowed to meet him. She just left only some clothes and foods for him.

TLT: Is it true that your father is not in good health? What is his disease?

Min Lwin Oo: My father is 65-year-old. He is not very well, and he frequently needs to go to Yangon for medical treatment.

TLT: What is your message to the junta for this arbitrary arrest of your family member?

Min Lwin Oo: It is sure that my father did not commit any crime for legal action. I am their opponent, not my family. And I am not an under-age child, or living with them. It is very nonsense to arrest an innocent person. I decided to join the revolution in my own choice. It did not recruit me. My choice is not concerned with my family. The military should not disturb my family.

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