Nyaunglaybin, June (30)

The junta troops launched artillery shells into the area of KNU Brigade 3, Nyaunglaybin District, killing two women and injured seven people including four children, reported the Karen National Union (KNU).

On June 24, the Infantry Battalion 20 fired heavy weapons into Thetke Kon village on the east bank of the Sittaung River in Shwe Kyin Town, wounding one child and two women, according to the statement.

On the same day, the shells landed into Pe Thaung village on east bank of Sittaung River and Thamin Inn Kon village on the west bank, killing one woman and injuring two others. One woman died and a child was injured in another explosion in Thamin Inn Kon village.

On June 27, a military column of more than 50 soldiers entered Pazun Myaung village and fired about 13 rounds of artillery shells into the villages on the east bank of Sittaung River, causing explosions in Wyne Kyun, the east bank of Pyin Ye, Thike Tu, and Thetke Kon.

The shelling hit a young man in Pyin Ye village and destroyed his home.

In addition, from June 21 to 28, Infantry Battalion 264 took positions in Pain Zaloke, Kyauk Tada, and the villages and roads on the west bank of the Sittaung River, and fired continuously into the villages on the west bank and the east bank of the Sittaung River in Kyaukkyi Township, the KNU said.

The explosion of the weapons damaged houses on the west bank of the Sittaung River, injured and killed people, and the KNU is investigating the severity of the damage.

News-Than Lwin Times


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