Nyaunlaybin District, July (4)

The regime troops stormed into KNU’s Mone Township and opened fire with heavy and light weapons, injuring some civilians and forcing over 1,000 locals to leave three villages, reported the Karen National Union (KNU).

On July 2, around 4:00 a.m., the junta troops entered the villages in the territory of KNU Brigade, Moan Township and launched attacks, leaving two local men injured and four residential houses in Yedwin Kon and Ohn Chit Kon villages also damaged by artillery shells, said the statement.

A total of 1,456 locals in the villages of Yedwin Kon, Ohn Chit Kon, and Ohn Pin Su have fled for safety as a result of the military council’s targeted attacks on civilians.

Many locals are fleeing due to military operations and human rights violations by regime forces targeting civilians in KNU Brigade 3, Nyaunglaybin District, according to Karen social organizations.

The displaced people in Nyaunglaybin District are short of medicine and three children died of influenza, said the rescue workers.

Furthermore, due to the difficulty of transportation and the security situation during the rainy season, those fleeing the violence have no access to sufficient health care, said the volunteers.

The KNU reported that the number of refugees has reached nearly 600,000 in the two years since the military coup in KUN-controlled territory, and more humanitarian aid is needed.

News: Than Lwin Times

Photo: KNU

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