Bawlakhe, 7 July

 The Karenni National People’s Liberation Front (KNPLF) released aerial photos taken by drones on the site where the military’s jet fighter was shot down during armed clashes in Bawlakhe township.

The photos of Battalion 9422 of KNPLF  published on 5 July neither included the debris of aircraft nor its brand.

Although the military has not issued any report on this issue until now, its propaganda Telegram channels refused the news.

U Laurine Soe, the secretary of KPLF, said to Than Lwin Times that the type of aircraft also remains unknown.

“Our comrades witnessed that the aircraft was shot down. We have not identified the types of aircraft and weapons used in the attack until now,” he added.

The Karenni joint forces reportedly shot down the aircraft during armed clashes with the military troops near Tarsanlei village on 30 June.  Since mid-June, conflict has intensified between KNPLF and the military near Thai-Karenni border.

Early this year, the joint resistance forces attacked a military helicopter and it could not land in Karenni state.

 News—Than Lwin Times


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