Nyaunglaybin, July (9)

The Karen National Union (KNU) reported that regime troops stormed KNU Brigade 3-Nyaunlaybin District and started constant shelling, forcing over 5,000 civilians to flee.

From July 1 to 5, at least nine confrontations erupted between the combined force of KNLA Brigade 3 and the junta army in KNU’s Nyaunglaybin District.

During that battle, the junta army fired heavy weapons into the villages and arrested civilians along the road they were marching on.

The invasion of the regime troops and the intentional targeting of villages with heavy weapons and small weapons resulted in the deaths of two civilians and injuries to six others, said the statement.

The shelling damaged 13 houses, one woodshed, one lawnmower, and killed three cows.

The military council arrested nearly 50 displaced people from a monastery in Nyaunglaybin District for no reason, and later released them, but forcibly confiscated seven phones and more than 2.5 million in cash from them, and burned their houses, motorcycles, and equipment.

Due to the military operations and human rights violations of the military regime, 4,672 local residents from the villages of Yedwinkongyi, Ohnchitkon, Ohnpinsu, Thabyaykon, and Ngapheinn in the KNU Nyaung Leypin District were forced to flee to safety within five days.

A large number of people from villages such as Innpayi, Kyauktan, Kanyinkyoe, Lattkhan, Doetan, Kankalay, and Yedwinkon, whose population census has not yet been collected, and unidentified villages were fleeing to safety.

Massive numbers of people have been displaced due to the fighting between the two sides, and they are urgently in need of immediate humanitarian aid, said the Karen humanitarian organizations.

News-Than Lwin Times


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