NMSP says it will deal with political issues using political approaches


Mawlamyine, July (8)

The New Mon State Party (NMSP), one of the NCA signatories, will solve the political issues only through political means, said top party officials.

On July 5 and 6, representatives of The National Solidarity and Peacemaking Negotiation Committee (NSPNC) met with the vice-chairman of the NMSP, Nai Aung Min, and members of the Central Executive Committee, Nai Binya Lei and Nai Aung Manage.

The interview with members of the Central Executive Committee, Nai Van Nya Leng, and Nyaeng Ma Ghe, about the meeting with the military council, was posted in Mon on the New Mon State Party’s Facebook page.

Regarding the current position of the New Mon State Party, Nai Banyar Lei said that the party has always held that political problems can only be solved through political means.

He added that all groups must be included in the political dialogue ahead, and that only talks with the 10 EAOs will not achieve good results, given the emergence of several opposition organizations since the military takeover.

To reach a positive outcome, all political parties and opposition organizations must be involved, and only veteran political parties such as the Shan National League for Democracy (SNLD) and the National League for Democracy (NLD) are included, the NMSP will continue to participate in political dialogue, said Nai Banyar Lei.

However, the Chairman of the New Mon State Party, Nai Hanthar, told the Independent Mon News Agency in June that if all the ethnic armed organizations (EAO) are included, they will also join the Spring Revolution, which aims to eradicate the military dictatorship.

Among them, the New Mon State Party (NMSP), which is a Mon ethnic armed organization, has held talks with the military council six times, either individually or as a group, amid the opposition of the Mon people.

News – Than Lwin Times

Photo: NMSP


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