Ye, July (9)

The military council has tightened security after tensions heightened between the two sides with the battle raging on in Mon State’s Ye Township, where martial law has been declared since late June.

Since June 25, there have been a series of clashes between the joint column of the revolutionary forces, including the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA), and the junta army which carried out airstrikes in addition to artillery shelling.

A resident of Ye, said, “It is becoming difficult to go to the departmental offices because the road communication is not convenient. There are more checkpoints along the way. Young people who are going abroad are having difficulties going to the immigration office for passports,” he said.

Since June 18, revolutionary forces, including the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA), have started to control the area along the No. 8 Mawlamyine-Ye – Dawei road.

In response to this, the military council’s Artillery unit began firing heavy weapons on June 20, which exploded in the rubber farm. A resident of Lamaing also told Than Lwin Times that he is worried about traveling and going to work because of the military council’s artillery shelling.

On June 25, a joint force of resistance fighters raided the Hnit Karen police station near the seashore in Ye Township, and the military council responded with air strikes, killing local people.

After the attack, the military council stationed itself in the monastery of Hnit Karen village and arrested 15 civilians for allegedly being involved with the People’s Defense Forces (PDFs), according to local residents.

Following the military takeover, battalions, camps, and departmental offices in Ye Township, which has been placed under martial law, have often been attacked, and the revolutionary forces were able to control some areas.

News-Than Lwin Times

Photo: TLT

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