Loikaw, 13 July

Military council is sending its soldiers to reinforce their troops in Karenni state, according to the sources of revolutionary forces.

Unidentified number of soldiers were mobilized by 60 military vehicles to Pinlaung and Loikaw last week.

The military is transporting its forces and supplies once every two weeks through Union Highway to prevent access of revolutionary forces to Loikaw, said Ko July from Moebye Defence Force.

Moreover, the military has moved their families from Loikaw as they are protecting the city of Karenni from the raid of resistance forces.

The military is carrying out airstrikes in Pasawng and Bawlake townships where the armed conflicts are intensifying, and they are trying to recontrol their camps in Meisei neary Thai-Karenni border.

The resistance forces said to Than Lwin Times that they expect more intense fights in Karenni state where a total of 729 clashes have occurred since the military coup in February 2021.

News—Than Lwin Times


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