Palaw, July (13)

Four houses belonging to members of the Pyu Saw Hti militia in Nat Eain Taung village in Tanintharyi Region’s Palaw Township were seized as public assets, Puri Yetkha Nyi Naung resistance column told Than Lwin Times.

On July 11, four homes and a farm belonging to four Pyu Saw Hti militia members, including U Ba Maung, in Nat Eain Taung village were sealed off by the allied resistance forces, including the Karen National Defence Organization (KNDO).

According to the resistance forces, Pyu Saw Hti members in Nat Eain Taung village provided information to the military council and guided the junta column, but they escaped when the allied forces tried to assassinate them, therefore, the houses were confiscated.

Puri Yetkha Nyi Naung, the military information officer, said that the sealing of the homes is a warning to Pyu Saw Hti members who are serving under the military council.

According to reports, the Pyu Saw Hti militia members in Palaw Township fled because of an attack by revolutionary forces and are now living together in Palawkon village, Pyu Saw Hti’s stronghold.

Palaw Township, which has been declared martial law, is the stronghold of resistance forces, and the military council can only control the town’s inner neighborhoods.

News-Than Lwin Times

Photo-Puri Yetkha Nyi Naung column

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