Troops of military council have been firing heavy weapon shells since 8 July as they are heading to nearby areas of Laiza town  where the headquarters of Kachin Independence Organization is located. Clashes are intensifying near Nansanyan village in Waimaw township due to the offensives of the military.

This interview with Colonel Naw Bu, head of KIO’s  Information Department, is about the ongoing armed clashes between the military council and KIO, the possible military operations of junta and the situations of displaced person from the conflict.

TLT: Could you talk about the daily heavy weapon firing of the military council to nearby areas of Laiza?

Col Naw Bu: They fired heavy weapon shelling on 8, 9 and 10 July. But their attacks did not reach residential areas of Laiza. The shells dropped into Namsanyan village where they are conducting offensives.

TLT: Did the military carry out airstrikes in the conflicts?

Col Naw Bu: They did not carry out airstrikes. We exchanged heavy weapon shelling.

TLT: Military troops were disrupted in recent clashes. How is the ongoing situation?

Col Naw Bu: We will disrupt military columns as possible as we can. We will attack their reinforcements.

TLT: As the military is conducting all-out offensives, how is it expected on the fight?

Col Naw Bu: We have not heard gunfire nearby areas. We could say the situations near Laizar this afternoon.

TLT: Could you identify the updated number of IDPs? Which humanitarian aid is needed for them?

Col Naw Bu: There are no IDPs in Laizar, and no shelter for them. People in Namsanyan have fled to Myitkyina.

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