Dawei, July (14)  

A military vehicle was ambushed on Dawei-Ye road near Zahar village in Dawei, killing three military personnel including a warrant officer, the Dawei Guerrilla Revolutionary Force (DGRF) told Than Lwin Times.

The resistance fighters attacked a military vehicle leaving No. 302 junta artillery unit around 3 p.m. on July 12.

The car plunged off the road in the attack, killing three people, including one warrant officer, and injuring two others.

After the attack, the fighters tried to take the weapons and ammunition of the regime troops, but they did not take it because the scene was close to the artillery and retreated safely, said a spokesperson for the DGRF.

After the assault, military council personnel showed up, picked up the bodies, and used a crane to move the military vehicle that had slipped off the road.

After being attacked, the junta army set fire to a nearby palm juice shop.

Furthermore, the DGRF reported that the military council shot dead two civilians, and Than Lwin Times is still investigating to figure out who they are.

On June 11, some military personnel were injured in the attack on checkpoint at the entrance of Dawei Town.

News-Than Lwin Times


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