Saw, 18 July

At least six member of People’s Defence Force were killed in four days in battles against military troops in Saw township, Magway region, said the resistance groups to Than Lwin Times.

The military has launched offensives with a total of nearly 500 soldiers in two columns. They set fire to Yinkel village, forcing over 2,000 civilians to flee from their Swal Lwal Kyin, Innbu and Natkaungkyin villages.

The troops were mobilized together with their supplies by three armors and 30 trucks along the route of Pakokku, Tanyaung, Seikphyu, Sinbyukyun, Salin, Sedoktaya and Laungshe.

“Military troops have been mobilized to Saw and Laungshe townships. The clashes are occurring just about four days. Yinkel was set fire. One civilian and some PDF members were killed,” said a PDF member.

The military’s propaganda media reported five bodies of PDF were found and some arms and ammunitions were confiscated. The resistance forces also confirmed it.

A 12-year-old-child was killed by a heavy weapon shell in Yinkel village on 14 July.

More than 300 locals in Magway region were killed and over 250,000 have fled their homes since the military coup in February 2021.

News—Than Lwin Times

Photo—Yaw Alin Tan

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