Kyainseikgyi, July (19)

Five members of the regime forces were killed in a joint operation that attacked military columns, some departmental offices, and camps, including a police station in Karen State’s Kyainseikgyi township, over the past week, according to the Special Operation Force (S.O.F).

The joint force of Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA), Special Operations Force (S.O.F), Cloud Wings drone force and Federal Wings drone force launched attacks on the police station, administrative office, and land records office in Kyainseikgyi, as well as the Khoke Khwar camp of the regime forces and junta columns of the Light Infantry Battalions 558 and 432 that came to reinforce.

From July 11 to July 16, the KNLA joint forces waged daily combat using drones, heavy weapons, and numerous small arms, resulting in the deaths of five soldiers and the serious injuries of at least 10 others.

The police station, administrative office, and land records department in Kyainseikgyi were damaged in the drone attacks, according to the statement.

A deputy policy sergeant was killed and a policeman was seriously injured, according to the Public Administration Organization of Kyainseikgyi Township.

The S.O.F reported that the junta carried out aerial bombardment and artillery shelling with 120-mm, 81-mm, and 60-mm mortars all over the place, and one comrade from the KNLA was injured, but there was no loss of weapons and ammunition.

A column of nearly 90 regime troops stormed Palain village in Khale Tagon Daing village tract of Kyainseikgyi, triggering fierce fighting and some civilians were killed, and about 20 civilians were taken as human shields by the military council, said revolutionary forces.

News – Than Lwin Times

Photo: S.O.F

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