Fighting in Tanintharyi leads to increase in number of displaced people


Tanintharyi, July (22)

Since the second week of July, frequent fighting in Tanintharyi Region has resulted in an increase in displaced people, the rescue workers told Than Lwin Times.

As the junta troops entered Tanintharyi, Yebyu, Launglon, and Thayetchaung townships in Tanintharyi Region, clashes with the allied resistance forces took place every day.

The battles forced more than 5,000 more local people to flee to nearby forests and places of safety, increasing the number of IDPs to more than 30,000 in Tanintharyi.

The restrictions imposed by the military council made it more difficult to transport food amid increasing displaced people, said Dawna-Tanintharyi displaced people support group.

The aid group said that most of the displaced people are living in safe places such as forests and gardens, so it is difficult to help them with food and medicine.

The shelters are flooded due to incessant rains in recent days in Tanintharyi Region, and people are facing difficulties in traveling due to transportation difficulties.

Furthermore, the displaced people are suffering from seasonal flu and malaria during the present rainy season, and the need for medical attention is growing, according to the aid workers.  

At least 40 clashes have erupted between regime forces and resistance forces in Tanintharyi in June alone, according to the research groups.

News-Than Lwin Times



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