Belin, July (23)

About 3,000 residents of three villages are fleeing as regime battalions fire heavy weapons day and night when there is no fighting in Mon State’s Belin Township, the spokesperson for KNU-Thaton District told Than Lwin Times.

Artillery units 206 and 314, Light Infantry Battalion 9, based in Belin and Thaton Townships, have been continuously firing heavy weapons day and night into the villages since July 21.

Nearly 3,000 people from more than 500 households in Shwe Yaung Pya, Zeewun, and Ahwingyi villages in Beilin Township have been forced to flee to safe places due to artillery shelling by the junta battalions.

Daw Ma Win, aged 35, from Kazai village, Belin Township, was injured in the left leg by shrapnel from a heavy weapon, said a source from KNU-Thaton District.

Meanwhile, residents of Michaungai, Mayangon, Daung Ywar, and Pan Aung Kon villages in Thaton Township temporarily fled the shelling in the morning and returned to their homes in the evening.

On July 14, the arrival of the army in Kyaikto Township of Mon State forced almost 3,000 residents of seven villages, including Zeegon village, to flee, according to the statement of KNU-Thaton District.

News – Than Lwin Times

Photo: KNU

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