Thandaunggyi, July (26)

The regime troop conducted about 50 aerial bombardments in Yardo village in Karen State’s Thandaunggyi in two weeks, destroying 20 houses, including religious facilities, said KNU-Taungoo District on July 25.

Fierce fighting erupted between the junta army and KLNA joint forces from July 11 to 23 in Yardo village of Thandaunggyi under KNU Brigade 2, Taungoo District.

The junta carried out a total of 55 aerial bombardments in War Thaw Kho and Tatkon villages in Yardo in 13-day fighting, said the statement.

Two Christian churches, 20 residences, a barn, and some plantations were all destroyed by aerial bombardment.

More than 2,000 people from Yado village have been forced to flee aerial strikes, and they are in need of food, medicine, and shelter, said KNU.

According to locals, the junta reinforced Yardo, which borders Karen and Shan States in the conflict-torn territory of KNU Brigade 2 via Taungoo-Leiktho.

News-Than Lwin Times


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