Myeik, July (26)

On July 24, the Myeik People’s Defense Force (PDF) warned five funeral service societies in Myeik, Tanintharyi Region, not to work with the military council.

According to a statement from the Myeik PDF, the Chanmyae, Kayuna, Chit Kyi Ye, Shwe Yaung Nay Thit, and Piti funeral societies are participating in the violence by allowing their vehicles to be used by the military council.

The Myeik PDF warned funeral societies not to support the military council at all or face severe military action.

A member of the Myeik PDF told Than Lwin Times that they received information that the funeral societies were helping to carry ammunition and food for the junta army.

A funeral service official stated that there was no cooperation with the military council, that it must have been misreported, and that the matter should be thoroughly investigated.

During the coup, the junta army used the vehicles of some charitable organizations for operations and food deliveries.

Moreover, the military council is reportedly forcing some social welfare organizations to participate in their activities.

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights announced in early July that at least 40 aid workers have been killed in the more than two years since the military coup in Myanmar.

The rescue workers were deliberately targeted in the ongoing fighting between the military council and the resistance forces.

News-Than Lwin Times

Photo- Kayuna Funeral Service Organization

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