Interview with CDM Police Sergeant/ Thathton district’s PDF in-charge Aye Min Tun

TLT: What is your view on the reshuffle of three Myanmar police chiefs after the military coup?

Aye Min Tun: It is not a surprise in the reshuffle of three police chiefs. It is done either for the transfer of duty or not for satisfaction of performance in their duties.

TLT: Do you know about newly appointed Police Chief Lieutenant General Ni Lin Aung?

Aye Min Tun: He is known as a hardliner in the military. He does not care about people. He will implement the order very strictly and cruelly. Even police forces would be deployed to the frontlines as the military has weakened in the battles.

TLT: What changes may occur in Myanmar Police Force under his management?

Aye Min Tun: Police force is included in the military organization. Positions of police major and police township officer have been replaced with military officers. I have. Experienced these situations during my 20 years of duty in the police force.

TLT: Major duty of police force is for security, but they are   likely to be tasked with defense duty. What do you think about it?

Aye Min Tun: Of course. This situation has worsened after the coup. Even a military sergeant was appointed as ‌police sub-inspector. The major duty of police force is for security of people. However, police force has been involved in defence and attacks. It can be concluded that the military force has declined gradually.

TLT: What is the latest situation in the police force after the military’s lieutenant general has been appointed as the chief of police force?

Aye Min Tun: Normally, deputy police chief must be promoted to police chief. However, the military directly appointed the lieutenant general for this position. He is expected to manage police force as a military in terms of their duties. Functions of police force will gradually disappear, and will turn into procedures of military.

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