Ye, 3 August

An unidentified armed group arrested U Ye Ni Lin, head of the Department of Rural Road Development of Ye Township, on the Ye-Thanbyuzayet road near Mawkanin Village in Mon State’s Ye Township, sources close to the military council told Than Lwin Times.

U Ye Ni Lin, the chairman of the Department of Rural Road Development, was arrested on his way back from Ye to Mawlamyine at around 10:00 a.m. on 1 August.

U Ye Ni Lin has held incommunicado since his arrest, and it is unknown which group arrested him.

Since June, the combined forces of the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) and People’s Defenses (PDFs) have been conducting frequent inspections and arresting those affiliated with the military council on the Ye-Thanbyuzayet highway.

The military council has instructed all departments to report to the 19th Military Operations Command (MOC-19) based in Ye since June 13, and obtain its approval if they are going to travel outside the township.

Military council’s battalions, camps, and departmental offices in Ye Township, where martial law had been imposed, were regularly attacked since the military takeover, and some territory had already fallen under the control of the resistance forces.

Than Lwin Times

Photo-Social Times

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