Nyaunglaybin, 6 August

The regime troops have conducted the worst targeted attacks and human rights violations against civilians in the territory of KNU, the Karen Human Rights Group (KHRG) told Than Lwin Times.

The combined forces of the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) and the Karen National Defense Organization (KNDO) have been waging war against junta forces that invaded KNU territory.

During these clashes, the military council forces have been targeting civilians by firing heavy weapons into villages and farms, launching airstrikes and violating human rights.

According to KUN’s statements, the junta forces commit at least 300 human rights violations per month, including airstrikes targeting civilians, firing heavy weapons, arresting residents as human shields, and torturing and killing them.

Saw Nanda Suu said, “The regime forces, continue to violate human rights by torching civilian homes and barns, particularly the areas of KNU’s  2nd and 3rd Brigades. The military council continues to carry out airstrikes or attacks with heavy weapons on schools, medical clinics, and religious buildings, and arbitrary arrests and looting continue”.

The number of displaced people is expected to reach 600,000 as a result of human rights violations committed by the junta in KNU-held areas, and they still need humanitarian aid.

Saw Nanda Suu went on to say that women, pregnant women, children, and the elderly are among those fleeing the fighting, so providing health services to them is challenging.

In July, the junta army carried out heavy offensives in KNU Brigade 2, Taungoo, which led to a fierce battle with the KNLA joint forces, with at least 30 airstrikes on villages.

In addition, the targeted attacks of regime troops on KNU Brigade 3, Nyaunglaybin District, resulted in the injuries or deaths of some civilians, including children and women, destroyed buildings and houses, and forced tens of thousands of local residents to flee their homes.

In May, the KNU called for more effective sanctions from international governments and organizations, including the United Nations, against the military council for committing gross human rights violations targeting civilians.

News – Than Lwin Times


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