Seoul, 9 August

South Korea officials have evacuated tens of thousands of participant from the coastal campsite of World Scout Jamboree, ahead of a tropical storm.

 It was forecast the storm will bring intense rains and strong winds within days to Sae Man Geum, Jeollabuk-do city in southwestern part of the country where the event is taking place from 1 to 12 August.

Hundreds fell ill amid heat wave, and the event were moved to a safer place after scouts from the United States and Britain left the event due to the complaints from the parents.

“This is the first time in more than 100 years of World Scout Jamborees that we have had to face such compounded challenges,” said the secretary general of the World Organization of the Scout Movement in its statement.

 Over 1,00 buses were used to evacuate 36,000 scouts of more than 150 countries.

South Korean officials say the Jamboree will continue in the form of cultural events and activities, including a K-Pop concert in Seoul on Friday.

Typhon  Khanun caused damages in southern Japan, and weather experts forecast it will make landfall to South Korea. 

Yonhap News Agency reported that the North Jeolla province will host the event with 4,000 participants and scouts. 

South Korean President Yoon Suk has ordered his officials on 7 August to do their “utmost” to ensure the safety of the Scouts.

Gender Equality and Family Minister Kim Hyunsook confirmed that the event will continue with Kpop shows and other programs until 12 August.

 Reference: Reuters

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