Hpapun, 10 August

On August 8, the headquarters of Brigade 5 of the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) issued a warning to civil service staff under the military council, including the remaining departmental personnel in the KNU’s Hpapun District, to resign.

The junta’s military and administrative incursions into the territory controlled by the 5th Brigade continue, and the people, particularly the Karen, refuse to recognize the military council, sparking street protests and armed conflicts.

The KNLA Brigade 5 has issued a statement on January 1 of this year to resign the departmental staff and ward/village administrators who support the administrative mechanism of the military council in KNU’s Hpapun District.

The KNLA Brigade 5 said that although some of the military council’s departmental staff and administrators followed the warning, some staff and administrators ignored it and continued to carry out activities that benefited the military council.

As a result, the remaining departmental staff and administrators should strictly adhere to the KNLA Brigade 5’s previous warning, and those who do not comply will be considered to be those who oppose the order, and the KNLA will continue to take more effective measures, said the statement.

Clashes frequently occurred between the KNLA, and the junta and its allied Border Guard Force (BGF) in the KNLA Brigade 5 area of Hpapun District, with the junta suffering heavy losses.

News-Than Lwin Times


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